Faith Communities Go Green


R E C O M M E N D E D M O V I E L I S T  –

The Age of Consequences (2016)
Addresses the connection between climate, change, and conflict.

Anote’s Ark (2018)
-President Anote Tong races to find options, from mass migration to building underwater
cities. But as the water rises, many citizens are already seeking safe harbor
overseas, leaving behind 4,000 years of Kiribati culture.

The Awakening Universe (2007)
-a liberating new cosmology for our time by Neal Rogin

Celebrating Evolution
-a collaboration between Rev. Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow
Disk 1
Disk 2

Dark Waters (2019)
-based on the true story of a tenacious Cincinnati attorney who uncovers a dark secret
that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the world’s largest
corporations. While trying to expose the truth, he soon finds himself risking his future, his
family, and his own life.

Dirt! The Movie (2010)
-tells the story of humans trying to reconnect to dirt-the living skin of earth; reveals how
repairing our relationship with dirt can create new possibilities for all life on earth

Earth: The Biography (2008)
-the story of our world; a BBC video

The Economics of Happiness (2011)
-voices from six continents

The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet (2004)
-introduces the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures human
demand on Earth

From the Ashes: What Is the True Cost of Coal? (2017)

Fort Ancient (2017)
-Discover the story of Fort Ancient and how it continued to be a special place to
American Indians for 1,000 years after the decline of the Hopewell…and remains so even
to this day.

Gasland (2010)
-unearths a shocking story about a practice that is understudied and inadequately
regulated, this film races to find answers about fracking before it’s far too late

The Great Story
-the work of Rev. Michael Dowd on the marriage of science and religion for personal
and planetary well-being
Disk 1: Evolution’s Arrow
Disk 2: Gifts of the Great Story

Healing Earth Our Common Blessing (2010)
-seven healing Earth meditations in the Catholic tradition.

How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (2017)
-investigates the global impact of climate change in twelve countries on six continents

Images for Reflection (2004)

85-minute-long feature film
45-minute-long educational cut for schools
45-minute-long cut for farmers

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)
-Eye-opening and alarming, this follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, shows that while the
stakes have never been higher, the solutions to the climate crisis are still within our

Journey of the Universe (2011)
Weaving modern science with enduring wisdom from the world’s cultures, Journey of the
Universe explores cosmic and Earth evolution as a profound process of creativity,
connection, and interdependence, and offers an opportunity to respond to ecological
and social challenges of our time.

Journey to Planet Earth (2010)
“Lester Brown tells us how to build a more just world and save the planet…in a practical,
straightforward way.” – Bill Clinton

Kiss the Ground (2020)
By regenerating earth, we can completely and rapidly stabilize our planet’s climate,
restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies; an accessible, relatively
simple solution to humanity’s greatest challenge.

Merchants of Doubt (2015)
-inspired by the book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, Merchants of Doubt takes
audiences on a satirically comedic yet illuminating ride into the heart of conjuring
American spin.

Microcosmos (1996)
-Reveals an incredible close-up of the insect kingdom.

Nourish Food and Community: What’s the story of your food? (2010)
-a PBS presentation

Planet Earth (2007)
Disk 1: Pole to Pole, Mountains, Deep Ocean
Disk 2: Deserts, Ice Worlds, Shallow Seas
Disk 3: Great Plains, Jungles, Fresh Water
Disk 4: Seasonal Forests, Caves
Disk 5: Planet Earth: The Future

A Plastic Ocean (2016)
-a documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle.

Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2014)
Thousands of miles away from civilization, Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote
places on earth. And yet is has become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage
Patch, siphoning plastics from three distant continents.

The Devil We Know (2019)
A personal account of the PSAF story by Robert Bilott that explains what happened
after the movie Dark Waters.

The Powers of the Universe
-the work of Brian Swimme

Program Title on DVDs:

Racing Extinction (2015)
-exposes the forces that are leading our planet to the next mass extinction

Renewal (2007)

Stories from America’s Religious Environmental Movement.

Sinking Cities (2018)
As the earth warms, sea levels rise, and super-storms become more frequent and
intense, many major coastal cities will soon be under water. Features the steps four
cities are taking to secure their future: New York, Tokyo, London, and Miami.

This Changes Everything
-based on the book by Naomi Klein on capitalism vs. the climate

Thomas Berry: The Great Story (2002)
-the life and work of the famous eco-theologian

Turtle World
A lone sea turtle travels through space in this 9-minute animated film, her breath
creating a whole new atmosphere. This becomes filled with forests, rivers, mountains,
and enterprising monkeys…so enterprising that they are forced to learn about
sustainability the hard way. A parable of humanity.

What Plants Talk About (2013)
Hard-core science is integrated with a light-hearted look at how plants behave,
revealing a world where plants are busy, responsive, and as complex as humans.

Winged Migration (2003)
Witness as five film crews follow a rich variety of bird migrations through 40 countries
and each of the seven continents.