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Education/Lifestyles Working Group

Our Education/Lifestyles Working Group, which has 60 members, educates and inspires members of the various faith and civic communities to change their lifestyles, whether by taking small steps or big, to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint and collectively help our planet to become healthier and sustainable.  We go about our tasks in several ways.  We help places of worship start Green Teams, which also includes its surrounding grounds; we host webinars and workshops; have Movies & Discussion nights; offer opportunities to the public to participate through our Faith Communities Go Green Team in Eco Challenges 2-3 times a year; and much more. 

 Our group meets once a month to put our heads together on planning events throughout the year, updating one another on our current work, and running new ideas with one another. 

The Eco Tips from Susan Vogt, a member of our working group, inspires us to take on simple to tough challenges that will keep us engaged in living mindfully, caring for our environment, and reducing our carbon footprint.  

We are planning more programs/events to offer this year and welcome you to join our working group and contribute your time and ideas to our tasks at whatever pace you are comfortable with.  We have an exciting year ahead!

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Living with Plastics: Myths and Facts

Resource page from the webinar on 1/30/2024.

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