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Facilities Working Group

The facilities group provides the opportunity to meet leaders of congregations doing exceptional work in greening themselves.  You can meet them in person at their houses of worship to learn how they inspired their congregational members to change their building toward net-zero carbon.  Join these tours to see what they have achieved and ask questions to help you further the work in your congregation. Get the information on the upfront costs and the return-on-investment savings and how long it will take before they see financial benefits.

The Facilities working groups provide tools to help you reduce your energy use in your facility building.  The less energy you use, the lower your utility bill. That leaves money for congregational programming. Reducing energy usage also lowers your environmental impact by putting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is a win-win; lower cost, lower carbon footprint. We guide you to start with the easy, do-it-yourself, steps, moving from lowest cost, up to having an energy audit of your building and beyond. Learn about these concepts in the sections About, Stories, Resource and Webinar pages below to help you get started. Be sure to visit the toolkit Funding Sources pages to find where and how to get possible funding assistance. 

These tips and first-hand stories came from members of the Facilities working group. We always welcome new information and new members. Our group’s regular meetings are the first Monday of each month from 4:00pm to 5:00pm via zoom.  To join this group, or for more information, contact Ken Wright, the Facilities group leader, at

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